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How to Make a Temporary Tattoo: A Simple Guide



Temporary tattoos are a fun and easy way to experiment with body art without the commitment of a permanent tattoo. They can be applied quickly and easily and can last for several days. They are also a great way to test out a design before committing to a real tattoo.

There are several ways to make a temporary tattoo at home. One method is to create a stencil of the design and apply it to the skin using tattoo ink or eyeliner. Another method is to print the design onto special decal paper and apply it to the skin using water.

Whichever method you choose, it is important to clean the skin thoroughly before applying the tattoo to ensure it adheres properly and looks its best. Additionally, it is important to follow proper aftercare instructions to ensure the tattoo lasts as long as possible.

How to Make a Temporary Tattoo

How to Make a Temporary Tattoo

Materials Needed

Making a temporary tattoo requires a few essential materials to ensure a safe and successful outcome. Here are the materials you will need:

1. Temporary Tattoo Paper

The first and most important material that you will need is temporary tattoo paper. This type of paper is specially designed for printing temporary tattoos. It is available in both inkjet and laser printer versions, so make sure to choose the one that matches your printer type.

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2. Computer and Printer

You will need a computer and a printer to design and print your temporary tattoo. You can use any design software that you are comfortable with, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Once you have your design ready, you can print it on temporary tattoo paper.

3. Hairspray

Hairspray is an essential material that can help your temporary tattoo last longer. After you have applied the tattoo to your skin, spray a light coat of hairspray over it. This will help to protect the tattoo from smudging and fading.

4. Scissors

You will need a pair of scissors to cut out your temporary tattoo once it is printed. Make sure to cut around the design carefully, leaving a small border around the edges.

5. Water and Sponge

To apply the temporary tattoo, you will need a sponge and some water. Wet the sponge and then press it onto the tattoo paper. Hold it there for about 30 seconds, making sure that the paper is completely wet.

6. Size and Effect

When choosing the size and effect of your temporary tattoo, consider the location where you want to apply it. If you want to apply it to a small area, choose a smaller design. If you want a more realistic effect, choose a design that has shading and depth.

7. Safety

It is important to make sure that the materials you use are safe for your skin. Always use temporary tattoo paper that is specifically designed for this purpose. Make sure that the hairspray you use is safe for use on skin and that you are not allergic to any of the materials.

Preparing Your Skin

How to Make a Temporary Tattoo

Before applying a temporary tattoo, it is important to prepare your skin properly to ensure the best results. Here are some tips to help you prepare your skin:

Shaving Your Skin

If you have hair in the area where you want to apply a temporary tattoo, it is important to shave the area before applying the tattoo. This will help the tattoo adhere better to your skin and prevent any irritation or discomfort.

When shaving, make sure to use a clean razor and shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid any cuts or irritation. It is also important to moisturize your skin after shaving to prevent dryness and irritation.

If you have dry skin, it is important to moisturize your skin regularly leading up to applying the temporary tattoo. This will help the tattoo adhere better to your skin and prevent any cracking or peeling.

Overall, preparing your skin properly is an important step in ensuring the best results when applying a temporary tattoo. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your temporary tattoo looks great and lasts as long as possible.

Designing Your Tattoo

How to Make a Temporary Tattoo

When it comes to making a temporary tattoo, the design is just as important as the application. Here are some tips for designing your perfect temporary tattoo.

Creating Your Design

The first step in designing your temporary tattoo is to decide on the design itself. You can choose a pre-made design or create your own. If you are designing your own, consider using software like Photoshop to create a digital image. This can help you create a bold and detailed design that will look great on your skin.

Another option is to hand draw your design. This can be a great way to create a unique and personalized tattoo. Just be sure to use bold lines and avoid small details, as these can be difficult to transfer onto your skin.

Printing Your Design

How to Make a Temporary Tattoo

Once you have your design, it’s time to print it onto the special paper used for temporary tattoos. This paper is called water slide paper and can be found at most craft stores or online. Follow the instructions on the package to print your design onto the paper.

If you don’t have access to water slide paper, you can also use a stencil to transfer your design onto your skin. Simply trace your design onto the stencil, then use a liquid eyeliner or permanent marker to transfer the design onto your skin.

When printing or transferring your design, be sure to mirror it so that it will appear correctly when applied to your skin. And remember, temporary tattoos are meant to be fun and wash off easily, so don’t worry if your design isn’t perfect.

With these tips, you’ll be able to create a great temporary tattoo design that you’ll love to show off.

Applying Your Temporary Tattoo

How to Make a Temporary Tattoo

Once you’ve created your temporary tattoo, it’s time to apply it to your skin. Here’s how to do it:

Cutting Out Your Tattoo

Before you apply your tattoo, you need to cut it out. Use scissors to carefully cut around the edges of your design. Be sure to leave a little bit of extra space around the edges to make it easier to handle.

Applying Your Tattoo

  1. Clean Your Skin: Before applying your tattoo, make sure the area of skin you want to use is clean and dry. Use soap and water to wash the area, then pat it dry with a clean towel.
  2. Remove the Protective Layer: If your tattoo is on an adhesive sheet or waterslide paper, remove the protective layer to expose the adhesive. If your tattoo is on decal paper, you’ll need to wet it first.
  3. Apply the Tattoo: Place the tattoo face down on your skin. Use your fingers to press the tattoo firmly onto your skin. Be careful not to create any air bubbles.
  4. Wet the Tattoo: If your tattoo is on decal paper, use a wet sponge or cloth to wet the paper. Hold the paper in place for about 30 seconds, then carefully remove it.
  5. Let the Tattoo Dry: Once your tattoo is in place, let it dry completely. Don’t touch or rub the tattoo while it’s drying.
  6. Remove the Tattoo: When you’re ready to remove your tattoo, use tape or your fingernail to gently lift the edge of the tattoo. Slowly peel the tattoo away from your skin.

With these steps, you can easily apply your temporary tattoo. Whether you hand-draw your design or use an inkjet printer and decal paper, you can create a unique and fun temporary tattoo that will last for a few days.

Caring for Your Temporary Tattoo

How to Make a Temporary Tattoo

After you’ve made your temporary tattoo, it’s important to take care of it properly to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Here are some tips for keeping your tattoo clean and removing it when you’re ready.

Keeping Your Tattoo Clean

To keep your temporary tattoo looking fresh, it’s important to keep it clean. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Avoid rubbing or scratching the tattoo, as this can cause it to fade or peel.
  • Wash the tattoo gently with soap and water, being careful not to scrub too hard.
  • Pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel or let it air dry.
  • Avoid exposing the tattoo to water for extended periods of time, as this can cause it to fade or peel.

Removing Your Tattoo

When you’re ready to remove your temporary tattoo, there are a few ways to do it:

  • Rub the tattoo gently with baby oil or rubbing alcohol until it starts to fade. Then, wash it off with soap and water.
  • Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the tattoo and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, wipe it off with a clean cloth.
  • Use a temporary tattoo remover, which can be found at most drugstores.

Remember, never try to peel or scrape off the tattoo, as this can damage your skin. By following these tips, you can enjoy your temporary tattoo for as long as possible.

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