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21 Tattoo’s That Symbolize Family With Ideas and Designs



Welcome to our exploration of the world of tattoos, particularly those tattoos that symbolize family. Tattoos have long served as a unique and personal form of self-expression, a way of telling stories, commemorating important moments, and expressing identities.

Family-themed tattoos are particularly special, often symbolizing the love, bond, and connection we share with our kin. Let’s dive into the universe of family tattoos, providing you with designs and ideas to inspire your next tattoo journey.

tattoo symbol meaning family

Understanding the Symbolism of Family Tattoos

A tattoo symbol meaning family goes beyond just words or portraits. These tattoos often incorporate symbols and imagery that have deep, culturally rooted meanings. Depending on the person’s heritage, background, or personal preference, different symbols can signify family, love, unity, and strength.

tattoo symbol meaning family

Common Symbols Used in Family Tattoos:

  • Infinity Symbol: Symbolizing eternity, it often represents the eternal bond of family.
  • Heart: A universal symbol of love and devotion.
  • Tree: Can signify growth, strength, and the interconnected nature of family.

Types of Family Tattoos

tattoo symbol meaning family

Family tattoos come in different styles and designs, each with its unique symbolism and aesthetic appeal.

Family Portraits or Realistic Images

Realistic tattoos, often portraiture, are an art form in its own right. From capturing the likeness of a loved one to incorporating symbolic family heirlooms, these designs provide a direct connection to one’s family.

Key Tips:

  • Research and choose an artist experienced in realistic tattoos.
  • Spend time discussing the design and details you want to capture.

Family Tree or Genealogical Designs

Family tree designs can symbolize your roots and the interconnected relationships within your family. From simple, stylized trees to detailed genealogical representations incorporating family names, these designs are deeply personal and unique.

Symbolic Family Tattoos

tattoo symbol meaning family

Symbolic family tattoos use imagery to represent family bonds. These symbols can range widely:

  • Animals: Lions (strength, pride), Elephants (loyalty, unity)
  • Nature Symbols: Trees (growth, strength), Roots (heritage, stability)
  • Cultural or Religious Symbols: Celtic knots (eternity), Chinese characters (family)

Birth Dates and Initials

Another popular style is using birth dates or initials. These simple but meaningful tattoos can be designed in a variety of fonts and styles.


  • Choosing a meaningful location on the body.
  • Selecting a style or font that fits with your aesthetic.

Tattoos in Memory of Family Members

tattoo symbol meaning family

Memorial tattoos serve as a way to remember and honor loved ones who have passed. From portraits to symbols, these tattoos often encapsulate the essence of a loved one or the bond shared with them.

  • Common Designs: Portraits, names, birth and death dates, symbols such as hearts or stars.
  • Personal Stories or Messages: Sometimes, these tattoos incorporate a significant quote or message.

Tattoos Representing Family Bonds

tattoo symbol meaning family

Family bonds can be symbolized through matching or complementary tattoos. These tattoos serve as a shared symbol of your unique family connection.

  • Matching Tattoos for Siblings: These could be identical tattoos or symbols that complete each other.
  • Parent-Child Matching Tattoos: A shared design, symbol, or even a meaningful quote can express this special bond.
  • Whole Family Tattoos: A symbol representing the unity of the entire family, expressing shared values or memories.

Exploring Cultural Influence in Family Tattoos

tattoo symbol meaning family

Family tattoos also reflect cultural heritage and traditions. These tattoos can be complex and deeply symbolic, often following traditional techniques and styles.

  • Tribal Family Tattoos: Maori and Samoan tattoos, for example, have unique patterns representing family, status, and identity.
  • Asian Family Tattoos: Chinese symbols or Japanese Kanji can represent family, love, and unity.
  • Celtic and Viking Tattoos: These designs often involve intricate knots and symbols, representing family, strength, and protection.

Choosing the Right Tattoo for You

tattoo symbol meaning family

Choosing the right family tattoo requires careful consideration. Here are some tips:

  • Personalize: Your tattoo should reflect your unique relationship with your family. Consider incorporating elements that are special to your family.
  • Considerations: Think about the placement, size, and color of the tattoo. These factors can influence the final look of your tattoo.
  • Choose the Right Artist: Look for a tattoo artist who understands your vision and has a style you love.


The beauty of family tattoos lies in their unique symbolism and personal meaning. Whether you choose a realistic portrait, a symbolic image, or a cultural emblem, your tattoo will always be more than just ink on skin—it’s a representation of the bond you share with your family. We hope this exploration of family tattoos has sparked ideas and inspiration for your next tattoo journey.

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